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Enjoy the Freedom of Motorized Wheelchairs in Victoria, BC

Motorized wheelchairs (power chairs) are the preferred power chair for those on the go. Power chair models are ideal for wheelchair users with weak upper body strength or those who are unable to maneuver manual wheelchairs. Victoria, BC's Vancouver Island Medical Supply Ltd. has a large inventory of newer, motorized models that are available with spring suspension, which offers a smooth ride over uneven territory.

Power chairs are available in three basic models: rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive. The following is a list of power chair manufacturers:

  • Invacare®
  • Shoprider®
  • Pride®
  • Quickie

Benefits of Motorized Wheelchairs
Not sure if a power chair is the ideal choice for you? Consider these key benefits as you decide:

  • Motorized chairs are controlled by a programmable joystick.
  • They can accommodate more functions for seating and postural support than a scooter, including power stand, recline, tilt and elevation.
  • They have more tire and powerbase options and can handle more terrains, both indoor and outdoor.
  • They provide more maneuverability in small or tight spots.

Other Key Features
Power chairs can come equipped with a variety of technologically advanced features:

  • Power tilt, which tilts the entire seat assembly and footrests upwards to a 45-degree angle, and recline, which tilts the wheelchair seat back and raises the leg rests up horizontally—both power tilt and recline help to relieve and prevent pressure sores.
  • Spring suspension, which offers a smooth ride on uneven outdoor surfaces.
  • Motorized wheelchairs can be tied down in a motor vehicle and used as a car seat.